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40MPH Speed Square Blanket (Grey/Blue/White)

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• 100% polyester sublimated MPH calculator on front
• Instruction label on bottom right corner
• Blue 80% cotton, 20% polyester fleece on back
• Eyelets for hanging on each corner
• Machine washable and dryer safe
• 100% Made in USA
• Dimensions: 96" x 48"

Instructions for Speed Calculator Use:

• Set your phone or camera to film in ‘Slow Mo’ at 240 FPS (frames per second) and film an object as it travels across the grid on your Speed Square Blanket.

• Each Square is 2.19 inches and is equivalent to 1 MPH (mile per hour)

• Watch your video and count the number of squares the object travels in exactly 1 ‘Slow Mo’ second

• If your phone/camera records at 120 fps, then count the number of squares it travels in 1 ‘Slow Mo’ seconds and divide by 2. NOTE: some phones might record at 120 FPS by default but still have the ability to increase that to 240 if you check the settings.

• YOU DID IT! If your object travels 20 squares in 1 ‘Slow Mo’ Second then your item is traveling at 20 MPH!

• To calculate KPH (kilometers per hour) is easy! Just multiply your MPH by 1.6

This blanket is 40 squares wide, making it a 40 MPH blanket. If you want to measure speeds up to 80 MPH you can use two blankets and lay them end to end.
If you want to measure the speed of light, you’re going to need about 16.7 Million blankets. No big deal :)If you’ve already got plenty of blankets but still want to experiment with the science then try the following.  Measure out 2.19" squares on a piece of paper. You can fit 5 on a regular sheet of printer paper, which means you can measure up to 5 MPH. Just remember, more squares = more MPH

NOTE: This blanket is designed for objects traveling horizontally (where the speed isn’t affected by gravity). If you want to know the final speed of an egg dropped from a building right before impact for example then use this formula: Final speed = 1.25 x number of squares + 1.09